Digital work by Austin Witherspoon






Landscape Photography
  I shoot a variety of natural scenes
  and nature-oriented photos.

What Do I Do?

I am an amature photographer and videographer. I travel around taking photos showing off nature in interesting and unique ways. In addition, I write and create short films, make special effects & CGI, and create and develop digital advertisments. I attempt to write orchestral and piano music when I'm not busy. Generally, the music is thematic and designed to be part of a video or movie score, but occasionally I have a little fun experimenting with different styles. I program and do web designing. With 7+ years of knowledge using C++, Java, Actionscript, PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS, I am confident in what I do, and can create anything that pops into my imagination, whether it be a static website, smartphone application, dynamic interactive website, or desktop program, I can create it.



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